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Animal Medical Center of Gahanna

Mass Removal

If a mass is growing inside a body cavity or with the skin, they can cause serious and potentially life-threatening problems.


It is quite common for a dog or a cat to develop masses at some point in their life. These can cause serious problems for your pet over time, and their removal is usually imperative for them to have the best possible outcome. Mass removals are intended to remove unwanted and/or dangerous growths.

How will I know if my pet needs a mass removal?

You know your pet the best. If you notice any skin mass that is present for a prolonged amount of time, or that is larger than the size of a pea, you should contact your veterinarian. The goal of a mass removal is to remove the unwanted tissue before it can cause more problems and become life-threatening. If the skin mass is determined to be cancerous, it is extremely important to undergo surgical removal before it has an opportunity to grow larger and invade surrounding tissues.

What can I do?

Regularly checking your pet for growths is suggested to catch any potentially dangerous mass early. Not all masses are cancerous, and some are even non-harmful. But in order to correctly diagnose your pet, and to make the best decision going forward, it is always recommended to visit your trusted veterinarian with any questions and concerns.